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Mamirauá Reserve – Flooded Forests of Central Amazon

A trip of a life time in one of the most remote and pristine reserves of the entire Amazon”


Few places on Earth still hold the magic aura found at Mamirauá Reserve. Brazil’s first “Sustainable Development Reserve”, Mamirauá is a huge reserve along the upper Amazon (Solimões) river, protecting 4,300-square-mile (11,000 km2) of Varzea (flooded) forest, wetlands and rivers in central Amazon, 330 miles (530 Kilometers) west of Manaus. A recognized Ramsar site, the reserve makes boundaries with a few other reserves and a national park, composing a huge conservation corridor that protects an immense tract of pristine forest, wetlands and rivers, and a huge number of birds, mammals, reptilians and insects, and promotes scientific research and sustainable practices and employment for the local population, including ecotourism. This place is so special that two species of monkeys, the famous White Uacari and the Black Squirrel Monkey are not only endemic to Brazil, but only occur within the reserve’s boundaries!  The rivers in this area are known for its extreme variation on the water levels, which may vary up to 12 meters (35 feet) from the lowest to the peak of the floods. This is so extreme that we have to stay in a floating lodge! The Uacari Lodge is a true eco-lodge run by the local communities that live in the reserve and employs sustainable practices such as the use of solar energy and rain water. From here we explore the forest by trails (when the water is not too high) and canoes, looking for birds (there are more than 400 species recorded), arboreal mammals (such as monkeys, sloths, anteaters), and the Pink River Dolphin.

The nearest city is Tefé, connected to Manaus by daily flights (approximately 2 hours) or by boat (which will take up to two days!). From Tefé to the lodge it takes 1,5 hour by speed boat. 

Highlights: Parrots, Macaws, Red Uacari and several other species monkeys, Sloths, Pink River Dolphins, pristine forest and lakes.

Tour Details
Availability: Year round
Gateway City: Manaus (MAO airport)
Duration: 4 to 6 days
Group size: Max 10 people
Departures: Daily
What to expect:  good accommodations, good food, easy terrain, short walks, exploring by boats and canoes, warm climate, abundant wildlife, contact with local cultures.

For more info, a detailed itinerary and quote, please send an email to [email protected]

Mamirauá – Flooded Forests of Central Amazon HIGHLIGHT


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