Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls

An amazing spectacle at one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

Availability: Year round

Gateway City: Foz do Iguaçu (IGU airport)

Duration: 3 a 6 days

Group size: Max 8 people

Departures: Daily

What to expect: good accommodations, good food, easy terrain, short walks, warm climate, abundant wildlife, good photo opportunities.

Iguassu Falls can be described as the largest waterfall system in the World. But this is a very simplistic explanation. These falls are way beyond that, and way beyond what words can describe. It is even beyond what images can show! One has to witness its magnificence and glory to truly understand it. No wonder over 1,5 million people visit it every year! Often Iguazu is compared with Victoria Falls in Southern Africa, between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and to Niagara Falls, between Canada and USA. Upon seeing Iguazu, the United States First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed “Poor Niagara!” The name Iguazú come from the Tupi and Guarani languages, and means “Big Water”.

And big it is! In the rainy season, there will be more than 300 falls along the basaltic edge of the Paraná plateau. Although the falls are divided between Brazil and Argentina, most of the falls lie in the Argentinean side. And, because of that, the best view of the falls is from Brazil! But the Argentinian side is definitely worth a visit, especially if you intend to have a close-up view of the “Devil’s Throat”, the most powerful and impressive of the falls. It is possible to do a short helicopter ride to have the magnificent view of the falls from above.

A few kilometers downstream from the falls, the Iguassu river flows in to the Paraná river, where lies the triple border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The area around the falls is protected by two national parks, both recognized as Unesco World Heritage Sites, each at a side of the border, and hold a great variety of wildlife, from the endemic birds of the Atlantic Forest to mammals such as Jaguar, Puma, Tapir, and many more.

Besides the attractions in the Park, there are other activities available here, such as the Bird Park, that holds a big collection of birds, many native to Brazil and habituated to people, and the visitors are allowed to enter the big cages and photograph the birds as if they were in the nature. The helicopter ride offers fantastic photo opportunities too, and for the more adventurous photographers, the Zodiac ride to the bottom of the falls is a must on this trip!

Our tours usually spend 2 or 3 nights here, with the option of staying at the Belmond Cataratas Hotel, a luxurious resort inside the National Park with a view to the falls!

Highlights: Great views of the falls, landscape and bird photography, pristine forest.

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