Bob and Sue

Having recently returned from an extraordinary birding and photography tour of the Pantanal, led by Giuliano Bernardon, we must express our profound admiration for Giuliano and his many skills as naturalist, birding expert, photographer and leader

In less than two weeks we were up close and personal with a family of 10 giant river otters, three jaguars, an ocelot, a thousand caiman and 265 species of birds!  Giuliano knew the Pantanal like his backyard (which it is), where each bird and animal was most likely to be and how to observe them without causing stress to the wildlife (or the tourist).  He had a close working relationship with all of the personnel and staff of the various venues, making each stay an exciting and pleasant experience for us. All in all, our Pantanal experience was a high point, one of the best ecotourism experiences of our lives.  We are already looking forward to another Brazil experience with Giuliano.  He has our highest praise and we recommend him to anyone who wants a life-changing experience in the Pantanal.

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