Beth & William

Brazil is on the world’s short list of top wildlife sites where the variety of species & their abundance is mind-blowing.  Every visit is guaranteed to be unique & amazing! But I cannot imagine traveling to Brazil for wildlife adventure & photography without Giuliano as a guide

That’s why we keep returning! Giuliano’s love for wildlife gives him passion for his work as business owner & professional guide for all that is wild in Brazil.  He has spent a lifetime honing expert knowledge of not only the avian world, but of all indigenous species, from mammal to reptile. Beyond his vast knowledge is Giuliano’s expertise in locating & approaching wildlife.  He knows the wildlife “hot spots” throughout Brazil.  He skillfully puts you in close proximity to observe & photograph a multitude of species with his quiet, respectful approach to any wildlife encounter.  Then there is Giuliano Bernardon, the person. We have never met anyone more personable, accommodating or just plain fun to be with.  It is a special pleasure & never a dull minute to be in his company!

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