Wildlife Photography&Safaris with Birding Pantanal

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Wildlife Photography & Safaris with Birding Pantanal

Wildlife Photography and Photo Safaris

Knowing where to go for the best wildlife photography is critical.  We deliver the very best photo opportunities to our clients, period.  It’s our many years of experience that make this possible. Throughout the years we’ve been fortunate to guide many renowned photographers, and have learned from the best. We know what it takes to get that perfect shot and we work tirelessly to provide that opportunity to our clients. This holds true whether visiting as part of a tour group, as a family or as a private individual.  We also offer the very best chances to photograph the more elusive wildlife, including the Jaguar, Ocelot, Manned Wolf, Tapir, Giant Otter, Giant Anteater, various Monkey species, River Dolphin, Anaconda, rarer birds like the Harpy Eagle, and many more. In addition, Brazil offers a variety of beautiful landscapes, many of which are yet to be explored!

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