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Mighty Amazon - An Exploratory River Cruise

 “An amazing experience where everything is superlative”


There is nothing like the Amazon on planet earth. It is the largest tract of continuous forest on the planet, covering nearly half of Brazil and a good portion of adjacent countries. The Amazon river is by far the largest, as well as the longest river on earth. This amazing region holds the largest biodiversity on the planet and so many mysteries yet to be discovered. Although most travelers will barely scratch a tiny portion of it, being in the Amazon forest is always a superlative experience, independently of where you go and what you are looking for. Witnessing such a huge and mighty river, listening to the sounds of the forest, and encountering the amazing creatures that live here, are all remarkable experiences that touch deep in our souls.  On this trip we will have a comfortable boat as a base, from which we will explorer the big rivers, small tributaries, lagoons and also forest trails, and get to see many of the Amazon inhabitants, such as hundreds of bird species, several species of monkeys and sloths, river dolphins, and indigenous tribes. We will also spend some time in Terra Firma, at the Tropical Hotel in Manaus, which will offer participants the chance of finding some different creatures such as the endemic Pied Tamarin, and also a rest from the long days in the field.

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Safari Facts

Availability: Year round
Gateway City: Manaus
Duration: 4 to 14 days
Group size: up to 20 people
What to expect: basic to good accommodation, good food, easy terrain, short walks, exploring by boats and canoes, warm climate, abundant wildlife, contact with local cultures.

For more info, a detailed itinerary and quote, please send an email to [email protected]


Mighty Amazon - An Exploratory River Cruise Highlight


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