Manned Wolves and Einstein Monkeys – Brazilian Savanas

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Manned Wolves and Einstein Monkeys - Photography Tour

Manned Wolves and Einstein Monkeys – Wildlife Photography Tour

Amazing photo opportunities of tool-using Monkeys and the rare Manned Wolf!

“Amazing encounters with the rare and endangered Manned Wolf and the smart Capuchin Monkeys that use tools”


This expedition takes place at the Parnaiba Headwaters National Park, a region of a particular scenic beauty where the vegetation is comprised by Cerrado scrublands and gallery forest. This beautiful scenery is made of Veredas – wet grasslands traversed by green ribbons of Mauritia palm trees – surrounded by red sandstone cliffs, and are the source for the Parnaiba and other important rivers on the region. This area is home of one of the rarest and most elusive mammals of South America, the Manned Wolf. These solitary and endangered animals live in the Cerrado grasslands, where they hunt for birds, small mammals and even fruit such as the “wolf’s fruit”, of which they are important dispersers of seeds. Here they often come to our camp in search of the fruit that grows around the cabins, or can be found in the “veredas” during our safari drives, often making for fantastic encounters and photo opportunities in beautiful sceneries and bright daylight.
In the same area we find groups of Capuchin Monkeys that have evolved to use tools in their daily routine. In the dryer forests near the cliffs they find the nuts that they will crack using rocks, often at sites that have being used for that purpose generation after generation.
This region is also home for many spectacular birds, such as Hyacinth, Blue-and-yellow and Red-and-green Macaws, which can be photographed at the veredas and at certain feeding sites, Jandaya Parakeets, White-napped Jay, and the King Vulture, a notorious inhabitant of central Brazil.

Highlights: Manned Wolf, tool-using Monkeys, Hoary Fox, Hyacinth Macaw, Blue-and-yellow Macaw, King Vulture, spectacular scenery and great photo opportunities.


Safari Facts
Availability: May to September
Gateway City: Brasilia
Duration: 4 to 7 days
Group size: max 10 people
What to expect: fantastic photo opportunities, basic accommodation, good food, easy terrain, short walks, exploring by safari vehicle, warm/dry climate.


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