Haliti Paresi

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Haliti Paresi – the people of the Brazilian Savannas

An amazing cultural experience among indigenous tribes in Brazil


When the first Europeans arrived in South America, there were millions of native Brazilians, living all over the country in many different nations and tribes, many of them with their own culture and language. With the arrival of the Portuguese in the Brazilian coast, the populations started to decrease, and tribes started to move inland and away from the explorers. The contact with civilization has always being devastating, and it wasn’t different to the Paresi, an indigenous nation native to Central Brazil. After losing most of its population (and culture) the Haliti (which is how the Paresi call themselves) are making a great comeback, with a healthy population that is somewhat integrated to the modern world while still maintaining their culture and religion, even among the young ones of their tribes. They live in a vast reserve of cerrado grasslands, in a region called Chapada dos Paresi. These people are so connected to this area that even the myth that describes the origin of the people takes place here, in a rock not far from where we are going to! A visit to their tribes offers an authentic experience of their lifestyle, culture and the respectful relation they have with nature.

Availability: Year round

Set Dates: October 25th to November 1st – 2017

Gateway city: Cuiabá-Mato Grosso-Brazil (CGB airport)

Duration: 2 to 5 days

Group size: 1 to 12 people

Departs: Daily

What to expect: Cultural experience and great photo opportunities, comfortable tented camp, local cuisine, easy terrain, short walks, warm/dry climate, occasional rain fall.

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