Birdwatching Tours with Birding Pantanal

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Birdwatching Tours with Birding Pantanal

Brazil is among the top few countries in the world known for its rich avifauna.  This is, in part, thanks to its many different types of habitat. Birdwatching tours are at the core of our company, and we offer trips to the most bird-rich areas of Brazil, including the Pantanal, Cerrado habitats (the Savannas of Central Brazil), the Atlantic Rainforest, the Amazon, coast and highland areas of Southern Brazil, and the endemic-rich Northeast Brazil. The focus and pace of our tours depend totally on our clients, be it a first-time birder trying to see as many species as possible, a world birder chasing rare endemics missing on their life-list, or a bird photographer capturing shots of the most beautiful species.

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