Conservation manual

Over the years, we have been concerned with educating the people we have had the honor of guiding, and little by little we have been building our Conservation manual, which follows the commandments:

  • Waste generated

    We will take all the waste generated during my trip and dispose of it properly.

  • Respect wildlife

    We will respect wildlife, keeping a safe distance from animals and avoiding disturbing them.

  • Choose eco-friendly

    We will choose eco-friendly products, such as biodegradable and recyclable soap and bags.

  • Reduce water consumption

    We will reduce water consumption, avoiding waste during daily activities.

  • Local culture

    We will learn about the local culture and way of life of riverine communities to value and respect the region and its natural resources.

  • Disposable plastics

    We will avoid the use of disposable plastics, replacing water bottles with reusable ones.

  • Protecting the region

    We will support the conservation of the Pantanal, Cerrado and Amazon biomes, encouraging public policies aimed at protecting the region and promoting environmental awareness in society.

  • Local conservation initiatives

    We will support local conservation initiatives to help protect the environment and wildlife of the Pantanal.

These are small gestures that we subtly remind our clients, employees, and families to always keep high in order to preserve our ecosystem.

Through our sister company, Aymara Lodge Pantanal, we are able to execute more initiatives that align with our philosophy. Learn about all of our work at Aymara Lodge through this link.